Coffee Connoisseur Culture: A Trend with No End in Sight.

Although the ‘Coffee Connoisseur,’ the ubiquitous bespectacled and often slightly shaking (from frequent overpriced espresso consumption) hipster-snob-hybrid seems to be a product of the last decade or so, coffee culture dates back to 14th century Turkey. 

Turks would gather in cosmopolitan coffeehouses to debate the issues of the day, witness cultural performances and simply catch-up with old friends. They were famously fussy about how their coffee was prepared and served, right down to the amount of foam in the cup. It seems that the coffee snob hasn’t changed much in 700 years.

Back on our own sunny shores, Cape Town still reigns supreme as the Gourmet Coffee Capital of SA, but our beloved Jozi is fast catching up. And Craft Coffee is at the forefront of this movement, something that is clear from our inclusion in almost every blog or newspaper’s round-up of Joburg’s coffee connoisseurship culture.

According to the New Yorker, coffee lovers are currently riding the remains of the ‘Second Wave’ of coffee consumption- the speciality coffee era-which places focus on “brewing, technique and taste.” By paying attention to sustainable sourcing, quality varietals and the combination of art and science, Craft Coffee is already surfing the Third Wave.

Much like the country itself, the typical SA coffee gourmand cannot be pigeonholed. Connoisseurs transcend race, gender, socio-economic status and age. The only thing that’s clear is that every day there are more of them. And Craft Coffee’s roasters in Newtown are ready to welcome them home, with open arms.