Direct Trade- What’s It All About?

Fair Trade. You may have heard the term before. Simply put, these organizations create trading partnerships with farmers that are based on dialogue, transparency and ultimately, respect. Choosing to support #FairTrade is part of a growing movement in 2019 towards ethical consumerism, the conscious decision to only purchase products that are ethically produced and not harmful to society and the environment. 

Fair trading standards serve as a protection against the exploitation of both coffee farmers and the land on which they farm. This is incredibly important when you consider that most of the world’s major coffee growing regions, ‘The Bean Belt,’ are desperately poor areas. Pretty heavy stuff to ponder whilst sipping on your morning flat white. 

But we’re here to reassure you, not to lecture you. Your cup of Craft Coffee is not only #FairTrade, but #DirectTrade, which means that both you and your roaster have a clear line of site to the farmer that grew that coffee. We’re passionate about our farmers, and that love reflects in the quality of our coffee. 

We believe in a sustainable coffee supply chain that takes into account the Real Cost of a cup of coffee. Many farmers are vulnerable to fluctuating coffee prices, and we want to protect them so that they can support their families and continue to love what they do. Every sip you take continues this process of transformation. 

Drinking ethically has never been so delicious.