The hottest coffee trends have landed: part one

(Two part blog series – stay tuned for more!)

We may already be halfway through 2019, but coffee trends are constantly evolving. We’ve collated the latest and greatest predictions from experts around the globe to make sure that you’re always up-to-date with what’s hot in the coffee world.

Increasing number of teenagers drinking coffee: The average age that one first begins to drink coffee regularly is getting younger. One could attribute many factors to why this is so, but the most plausible explanation is the fact that teenagers are required to study more than ever before. 
Even outside of exam time they are waking up early and working until late at night, and coffee is seen as a necessary component of staying focused and alert.

The coffee industry is evolving to keep up with the tastes and wants of the younger generation of coffee drinkers, most notably with the increase in ‘sweet’ coffee options. Older coffee drinkers often prefer the acidity and bitterness of black coffee, but younger consumers are showing a preference for sweet and creamy beverages. 

To meet this need, many coffee shops are offering larger selections of sweet coffee drinks, like coffee shakes and flavoured lattes.

Ready-to-drink coffee options: As young people are becoming increasingly busy, they’re seeking out ‘on-the-go’ coffee options. Ready-to-drink coffee beverages are pre-made, easy to carry around and easily available from petrol stations and most grocery stores. Additionally, many ready-to-drink coffees are sweet, so they are appetizing to coffee drinkers who don’t like bitterness.

Emphasis on Fair Trade and sustainable growing practices: Consumers have been more attentive to social justice in recent years, which has increased the demand for fair trade coffee. The desire for sustainably grown coffee goes hand-in-hand with fair trade, as consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment. Please see our Direct Trade blog post for more information.