The hottest coffee trends have landed: part two

We may already be halfway through 2019, but coffee trends are constantly evolving. Part two of our trend-watch explains the latest in ‘Weird Science’ coffee trends, buttered coffee and the increasing desire for plant-based dairy alternatives. 

Read on,and spill the beans about what’s hot to your friends!

‘Weird Science’ coffee: If someone had told you ten years that putting nitrogen into coffee would be popular, chances are you would have laughed at them! But that’s exactly what Nitro Coffee is – infusing iced coffee with nitrogen gas. 

Fans of the beverage have compared it to stout craft beers, because of the resulting carbonation and rich and creamy texture. Nitro coffee is also much stronger than regular coffee, perfect for your early morning caffeine hit.
Buttered coffee: Like Nitro coffee, buttered coffee sounds like it might be a joke but it really isn’t. Also known as Bulletproof coffee, this beverage includes just a little bit of butter or coconut milk as a vehicle for healthy fats and is especially popular in the Keto diet. 

The butter helps give the coffee drinker an energy boost without the typical caffeine crash while also keeping them full for longer. Bring a bit of butter the next time you visit Craft!

Plant-based dairy alternatives: Veganism is a rapidly growing movement and the chances are that if you aren’t one yourself, you know someone who is. Coffee shops have rushed to accommodate the movement by providing non-dairy alternatives to the traditional cow’s milk coffee addition. By 2019 you’ve probably heard heard of soya and almond milk but keep your eyes out for the increasingly popular cashew, rice, macadamia and oat milk options. Craft Coffee is proud to provide our vegan customers with non-dairy options and can’t wait to sample these new plant-based trends!