What your coffee order says about you

Your go-to coffee order may reveal more about you than you think. We’ve collated the best examples from the web and cross-checked these results with one of our highly-trained Craft Coffee baristas! We’re adamant that your caffeine cravings might be more useful than any Myers-Briggs Personality Test…

Cappuccino: This has been an old-faithful since you were a teenager. You like the taste of coffee but let’s be honest- not enough to enjoy the taste without the much-needed additions of sugar and lots of frothy milk. You’re creative, trustworthy and motivated. Everyone agrees that you make an excellent friend but you secretly have a tendency to become bored with unimaginative people.

Espresso: You need that caffeine hit, ASAP! You’ve got things to do! That, or you’re European. You enjoy the finer things in life and consider yourself a bit of a ‘coffee connoisseur.’ Some may call you blunt, but you’re actually just straight-forward. Why make a fuss when you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to get it?

Americano: Our barista is very partial to his Americano-ordering regulars as no two Americanos are ever the same. He thinks that these customers are able to appreciate the subtle flavours of the humble coffee bean and may be the true coffee connoisseurs (sorry espresso drinkers!) You’re a bit of a purist, and have high-expectations for both yourself and those around you.

Mocha: You’re too much of a grown-up to order a hot chocolate, but that’s still what you really wanted and the mocha is your compromise. Your tendency to order sweeter drinks may indicate that you’re socially bold and young at heart and a bit of a trend-setter. Your friends love your spontaneity and tell you that you’re really still just a big kid.

Chai Latte: You’re health conscious and keep abreast of all the latest wellness trends. This is your standard post-yoga treat with all of the yumminess and none of the guilt Your tendency to overthink everything may cause some of your friends to label you as ‘neurotic,’ but it’s actually your greatest asset because you’re so detail-orientated!

Iced Coffee: Chances are that if you order this, you’re probably under the age of 35. You know that iced coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why you keep drinking this frozen deliciousness in winter and ignore the sceptical face of your barista. You can be a bit high-maintenance but everyone knows that you have the best intentions. You’re always the loudest voice in a crowd and aren’t afraid to be a bit controversial sometimes.